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40’ x 20’ x 4’ Sectional/Work/Dredge Barge

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Category Marine Construction
Sub-Category Push Boats
Manufacturer N/A
Model N/A
Condition New
Year N/A
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Location United States, Midwest

This barge is configured with 2 sections that are 40’ x 10’ x 4’. Both sections are raked on the bow with a 12” head log that is 1/2” thick plate. Each section has a solid 1/4” steel bulkhead making each section 2 compartments. There is 1-18” flush mounted access hatch per compartment in each section.

All plate is A-36 1/4” steel. Framing is a 3” x 3” x 1/4” angle transverse truss frame spaced every 18” apart. The connector angles are 6” x 4”x 5/8”, and are full length of barge. The connector holes are 1.75” diameter spaced 48” apart and the pins are 1.5” diameter with a pointed end and a single 3/8” square cap top.

Each section is air-tested, sand blasted, and coated with a 2-part salt resistant marine epoxy. Both sections can be loaded double stacked on a drop deck trailer. Each section weighs approx. 20,000 LBS each. Empty draft is at 10.5” and can carry 45 Tons with a 12” free board. Maximum deck load depends on size of actual load. It takes 45,000 lbs. to push this barge down 12” in the water.

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